GCSE Maths Tutoring

We all know how important maths skills are when it comes to education, and if your child is struggling to reach his/her potential in GCSE maths, it’s time to do something about it. Equally, if your child is behind in maths classes or is ahead and needs pushing to help truly realise potential, extra maths tuition is certain to help.

What do my students get from their maths sessions?


Increased confidence

Confidence is vital, but too few children have it. A confident child is always at an advantage when it comes to education; because they don’t see the work as daunting; but rather as a challenge that they can and will overcome. That’s what I aim to foster.

Academic Progress

A key reason why parents seek my help is concern about their son or daughter’s lack of progress in school. Many factors affect pupil performance, but there is little doubt that regular sessions with a good tutor can make a real difference. This is borne  out by the feedback I have received over the years and my recent testimonials.

Exam success

A good grade in GCSE maths opens many doors and over the years I have helped many students to achieve the grades they needed, providing a major boost to their employability or a stepping stone to A-level and beyond.

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